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CTS LanguageLink & RantNetwork Launch New App

The only translator you will ever need

August 05, 2013 (Vancouver, Washington) – RantNetwork’s new app, OPI Translate combines free translation features with premium Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) services.

One of the two major features of the app, OPI Services, is supported by a dedicated team at CTS LanguageLink. RantNetwork’s decision to partner with CTS LanguageLink expands the usability of the OPI Translate app beyond the typical language translation app available now. CTS LanguageLink gives users of the app access to over 150+ languages with luxury type customer service. “Our clarity of focus is making a client more successful today, ensuring it is us serving them tomorrow,” said Jeff Barger, CEO of CTS LanguageLink.

What users and businesses may not necessarily understand is the magnitude of what it takes to support OPI in 150+ different languages. OPI cannot simply be replaced by software. OPI interpreting requires intelligent, proficient, and experienced interpreters who are available 24/7 365 days a week. For a language company to provide all those services takes a huge amount of logistics and operational processes. That’s why it made sense for RantNetwork to partner with CTS LanguageLink. OPI Translate’s capabilities surpass anything in the app marketplace.

OPI Translate’s capabilities surpass anything in the app market place:

  • Social Media, email & SMS integration
  • Voice to Voice translation
  • Live interpretation
  • Photo text recognition

The OPI Translate app is set to push users and businesses’ ability to communicate with anyone beyond what is available today. Business marketing teams can leverage the app’s Social Media and SMS integrations into their campaigns, spreading their global footprint. While users traveling to a recommended chateau can sign-in with the front desk using the apps single button interpreter feature. RantNetwork has positioned OPI Translate for both B2B and B2C with over 1B Smart Phones in use globally. “RantNetwork is realizing its strategy of delivering the world’s most advanced mobile based language translation solutions for both individuals and corporations,” said Kenneth Volet, CEO of RantNetwork.

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