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CTS LanguageLink's own, Tim Bernal

Tim Bernal Client Relations

September 6, 2013 (Vancouver, Washington) – Client Relations is a huge priority for us, so we think it is important for our customers to learn a little bit more about who is CTS LanguageLink. We chose Tim Bernal as our first candidate to interview; he's smart, quick, and one of the friendliest members of the CTS LanguageLink team. If you have ever provided any feedback to us, then you probably have spoken with him.

  • [CTSLL] Who are you and where do you work?
    [TB] I am Tim Bernal. I work in the Client Relations Department at CTS. I started in the Interpreter Relations Department in December 2011 and transitioned over to Quality Assurance/Client Relations in 2012.
  • [CTSLL] What do you do at CTS LanguageLink?
    [TB] I provide support to our customers and quality control over our telephonic calls. Our department is involved with setting up and configuring client’s accounts to match their needs. We conduct trainings for our clients as well as research their concerns and provide them with an action plan and resolution. We specialize in making sure our customers are happy with our product.
  • [CTSLL] What is the most satisfying dynamic of your role?
    [TB] I truly enjoy working with clients and delivering the highest service possible. I work with mentors to review our quality of service. Working in this department you are able to see first-hand the type of service we implement and the difference it makes for our customer’s end users. Being that English is my second language, I understand how difficult it can be to live in a country and not speak the native language. CTS LanguageLink delivers a product that helps people and I truly enjoy knowing we are able to successfully implement this service.
  • [CTSLL] What motivates you?
    [TB] Waking up every day to be the best person I can be. Working towards goals and dreams and helping others. I believe I am in a position to work every day towards these goals.
  • [CTSLL] Why is it important for CTS LanguageLink to have this division?
    [TB] In my experience, this type of language service is all about customer service. Our Client Relations team is essential in ensuring our customer’s needs are met, while training our clients in our products and educating them on how to achieve their interpretation goals. Our team is staffed with individuals that are cross trained throughout our company, which really makes a difference when servicing our client’s needs. We strive to exceed the customer’s expectations and build a working relationship.
  • [CTSLL] Any last words or Shoutouts?
    [TB] Shout out to my awesome manager Laura Flores! My supervisory Bingo Ildefonso. My former manager Yasema Tratz, and the rest of the teams at CTS. It takes a team effort to ensure our customers’ needs are met, and I believe this company really emphasizes that mentality. Last shout out to Ian Freeman!
CTS LanguageLink is honored to have you on the team Tim.

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