King County District Courts

Court Interpretation and translation

"I have been utilizing the services of CTS LanguageLink since November 2004 as I work for a large social services agency in a major metropolitan area.

"I have found the staff to be very professional. The time that it takes for me to get connected to a client is quick. The interpreters are very patient and communicate statements in the manner that we need them to be communicated.

"Our agency works with a very diverse population. Over 80 percent of our clients do not speak English as their primary language. Because we deal with federal and state run public assistance programs that are very difficult to interpret even in English, I have found the CTS interpreters to be very patient and accurate. They know how to get our messages across to our clients in a way that they can understand. Many interpreters have gone the extra mile for me, in that, they were able to discern if a client was illiterate and asked my permission if they could break the language down in simplified terms. This added service has been a tremendous help for me and helps me to make critical decisions concerning a client's case.

"Additionally, these translators --along with me-- also have to deal with very aggressive clients.

"I am saying these things to say that when the CTS LanguageLink interpreters deal with our clients, it is not an easy job.

"I am very thankful for this organization and would recommend them to any company or organization that needs any type of translation services whether written or verbal."--J.S.

"I have never heard anything but praise for CTS LanguageLink from any source, whether judge, staff public defender or prosecutor. I would strongly recommend this organization for any interpreting needs you might have." -- Judge D. P.

Washington Department of Social and Health Services

Services: Official Interpretation

"Thank you very much for the outstanding service your agency people have provided. We look forward to a continued excellent working relationship with you and your staff of interpreters." --FL

Los Angeles County Housing Authority

Services: Interpretation and translation

"CTS LanguageLink has assisted us with translation and interpretation services for the past two years and has done an excellent job. I am pleased to be able to provide a letter recommending CTS LanguageLink.

"At the Housing Authority we have several vendors for language services, and CTS LanguageLink provides us with exceptional customer service.

"If what you are looking for is a trustworthy company, CTS LanguageLink is the one. I recommend them without a doubt."--MEV

Yakima Municipal Court

Services: Court Interpreting

"I am writing this letter on behalf of CTS LanguageLink. I have been associated with them for approximately 8 years. I previously served as the Interpreter Coordinator for the Yakima Municipal Court, and I would use their services to secure Spanish and exotic language interpreters. They were so professional, dedicated and kind that I asked them for a job! I worked with them as Regional manager for 2 years, and I grew to appreciate everybody's professionalism and effort to please the clients. It was the best job I ever had!

"I work as an independent contractor for the courts in Yakima, and whenever I need an exotic language interpreter they do miracles and find one for me. They are very prompt and professional. I feel the company adopts the owners Jeff and Roberta Barger's standards of excellence and integrity. I highly recommend them for any of your interpreting and translating needs." --S.W.