Media Pro

Services: Translation, localization of e-learning courseware

"CTS LanguageLink has been a highly-reliable partner for us - quality driven, responsive, and reliable yet still competitively affordable. As a result, we have been able to extend the reach of our services and solutions through our partnership with CTS LanguageLink."

Gravitate Design

Services: Website localization

"We really enjoyed working with CTS LanguageLink. Not only did they complete the project ahead of schedule, but their team was very dedicated to the quality of their translations making sure they we're appropriate for the culture of our target market."

Bioplate, Inc.

Services: Professional translation of packaging and medical instrument inserts and conference interpreting

"Bioplate Inc. is a medical device manufacturer with customers in the United States and approximately 30 countries worldwide. We have worked with CTS since 1997 when we held our first international distributor meeting in Los Angeles with the sales and marketing team of our Japanese affiliate. We were extremely fortunate to have hired their interpreter. He provided exceptional assistance interpreting complex medical and surgical information in both English and Japanese. As this was Bioplate Inc.’s first professional meeting with this affiliate, we were very anxious to provide a well-planned and executed program. The meeting proceeded flawlessly and the interpreter’s interpretation skills received many compliments from the bilingual members of the Japanese team. Since that meeting we have worked with CTS on a number of occasions.

Bioplate Inc. also utilizes the translation services of CTS. As a medical device manufacturer distributing devices to the European Union, Bioplate Inc. is required to provide instructions for the use of our devices in a number of required languages. We provide the text in English and CTS completes the translation within a short period of time. The translations are then verified by authorized personnel in each country. The often complex translations from CTS are consistently correct.

"At Bioplate Inc., we are very pleased with all of the services that CTS provides to us. They offer the convenience of electronic transfer of written materials, making verification activities much more efficient. Scheduling of interpreters for meetings and training sessions is also completed quickly. Quotations for service requests are provided quickly and are very competitive. We highly recommend CTS for translation and interpretation services.” - C.J.

Cal Spas

Services: Professional translation of technical manuals

“We have had CTS LanguageLink translate our owner's manuals for European customers for the last few years and we have never considered another alternative. They always deliver with consistently high standards of quality, attention to detail, superb service, and timeliness. They keep me informed at every step of the process and never hesitate to ask for clarification in order to provide a better translation. We are impressed that the translators maintain the same style and tone of the original text and are able to translate technical language while keeping it readable and easy to understand.” - A. A.


Services: Professional translation of technical manuals and typesetting

"Your customer service is excellent. You always give us a quote and process our requests in a timely manner. Your quality of work has always been excellent and any specific requests for file formatting or copies have always been met. Turnaround time is always on target and pricing fair for the quality of work that is done.”- G. B.

Election Information Division, Los Angeles County

Services: Translation, typesetting and printing of voter's pamphlets

“Los Angeles County is required by federal law to translate election information into six minority languages. This is a complex and involved process that must be accomplished during a short period of time with an even tighter schedule to complete revisions, approve translations and mail the information to the voters. This requires long and tedious hours of dedication and concentration which (your employees) willingly and cheerfully provide. Your company has exceeded our expectations and has been very responsive to requests for additional translation support whenever unanticipated circumstances have occurred. Please accept this letter of commendation and Certificate of Appreciation as a sincere "Thank You" for the cooperation and quality service our department has received from you and your employees from 1993 to present.” - R. G.

Kaiser Permanente

Services: Professional translation and Interpretation

“The communication department for Kaiser Permanente's Northwest Region performed an exhaustive search for the combination of services that CTS provides. We found few other companies that could compare, most of which were not even in the Northwest Region.

"Kaiser Permanente has long-standing relationships with other translation services that provided some of the expertise and service that had been previously required. This included limited translation of several different languages into the form of letters or simple flyers. We would struggle to find common ground, however, when issues arose around fonts not imbedded or redesign of files.

"CTS continues to provide the services and expertise that we need today and for our anticipated needs in the future. CTS uses the same publishing and design software as our internal designers and external printers, making transitions seamless and less time-consuming. They have taken time to personally acknowledge and work through any issues that have come out of the business of publishing materials in different languages. The possibilities for error are almost limitless in this complicated genre of work. It is comforting to know the level of detail and the extent of professionalism CTS consistently performs to ensure not only that the information is accurate, but also that our needs are met.

"As Senior Print Buyer/Production Coordinator my experience working with vendors to provide products and services is quite extensive. In that time, I've found that the most valuable relationships are formed with those that respond well in adversity. Our adverse experiences with CTS, though they have been few, have provided opportunities for us to learn from them, and for CTS to learn from us. These experiences result in our knowing that CTS considers their business relationships to be a high priority now and in the future. We would recommend CTS LanguageLink to anyone looking to bridge the gaps and barriers between languages, culture, or digital workflow. They are a proven commodity and invaluable resource for our day-to-day work.” - M. B.

Equity Marketing

Services: Translation of packaging and creative copy

“I am so thankful for everything you do for us. We deal with so many different countries and languages; I don’t know what I would do without you! Your work is always excellent, reliable and quick and everyone is so friendly! It’s a pleasure doing business with you!” - M. C.

Maryland State Board of Elections

Services: Translation of election-related materials

“CTS LanguageLink has provided document translation services to the Maryland State Board of Elections since February 2002. During this time, they have translated and formatted not only our "How to Vote" and voting instruction brochures, but also all of our election materials (in designated counties) for the 2002 Primary and General Elections. Although the majority of this work has been from English to Spanish, CTS has also translated material to Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

"All work they have performed for the State Board of Elections has been of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner. At CTS' recommendation and with their assistance, we have conducted linguistic reviews of CTS' translation work, using members of local community groups and internal Maryland State government employees as our review teams. All review teams (Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) have been impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and experience of CTS LanguageLink's staff linguists, not to mention the high quality of their translation work.

"Additionally, since we first started utilizing their services more than a year ago, CTS has provided us with a dedicated Project Manager, who has learned about and adapted to the distinct needs and requirements of the Maryland State Board of Elections. We have found all CTS employees with whom we have worked to be very responsive to our needs and more than willing to "go the extra mile" to satisfy our requests.

"All in all, the State Board of Elections has been impressed with CTS LanguageLink's commitment to quality and customer service. We intend to continue using the company for all of our language translation needs and highly recommend their services to anyone who has a need to translate election-related materials into a foreign language.” - J. T.

Merrill Corporation

Services: Translation and typesetting of election-related materials

“Merrill Corporation has been printing sample ballots and ballot material for over 20 years. In 1993 multilingual ballots were added to our contracts, and it became essential that we partner with a strong translation company. CTS LanguageLink was that company. Their processes have grown as well as their technical resources to allow them to exceed our expectations. To be successful in the ballot printing industry, time is of the essence but even more so is accuracy. I am confident that CTS LanguageLink offers the best of both.” - L. H.

Molina Healthcare Corporation

Services: Document translation

“Since we have moved a majority of our translation work to CTS LanguageLink, things have improved immensely for us in that area. CTS is very thorough with their work, and always go the extra mile to get us what we need, when we need it. The customer service has been excellent, and the people there are fantastic to work with. I have worked with a number of other translation vendors, and CTS is by far the most organized and efficient company I have encountered. Honestly, I would hate to think of where our company would be if we hadn't established a relationship with CTS.” - H. S.

Purdy Corporation (Sherwin-Williams)

Services: Translation of packaging materials

“Selling product worldwide we need good clean translation for all of our packaging needs and that is what CTS provides us with. With their willingness to work with us in many different file formats and timelines, CTS has always met our needs in a fast, complete, easy to work with manner. We are very thankful that we have a great partner in CTS for all our translation needs.” - K. I.

Washington State Department of Licensing

Services: Translation and typesetting of the annual updates to the Washington Driver Manual

“The State of Washington Department of Licensing produces 465,000 English Driver Guides and approximately 90,000 guides in six foreign languages annually. We have testing questions, a brochure, several posters, and a few forms that are also translated. These products are also available on our website at

"CTS LanguageLink has been our multilingual provider for over a decade.

"Throughout the duration of these projects we have developed strong relationships with the Project Managers assigned to each specific project. The company as a whole is great to work with. They have gone the extra mile to provide quick and accurate turnaround. The company has been very diligent about cost containment as we make yearly changes to the guide. They also excel in their knowledge of the printing requirements and website requirements that go into producing our guides. This greatly facilitates the management of the project from our department. I would certainly recommend CTS LanguageLink for your State's multilingual requirements.” - M. M.

Health Information Coordinator | California AIDS Clearinghouse

Services: Document Translation

"Thank you so much for all the brilliant (and incredibly fast) work that you do! We’ve used many translation companies over the years but CTS has been the best by far. My manager no longer wants me to get quotes from the other companies as we will now be going to you exclusively--and we have yet another project for you next week. Until then thanks again and have a great day!" - R. T.

Washington State D.S.H.S.

Services: Translation of forms and letters for various DSHS offices

“As one of three vendors under contract with the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) CTS LanguageLink has provided written translation services to various DSHS community service offices and other state agencies sine 1999. During 2004 alone the company translated more than 1150 forms and letters for DSHS offices, primarily into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Russian.

"CTS LanguageLink has provided my administration with high quality translation work that is delivered in a timely manner. Over the years in which the contract has been in effect, CTS has been a valuable partner and a trusted vendor. Due to the volume of work our offices generate, the company has provided us with two Project Managers dedicated solely to our account. Both Project Managers have managed our account since the inception of the contract, a testament to CTS' ability to attract and retain qualified personnel. We have found all CTS employees with whom we have worked to be very responsive to our needs and more than wiling to 'go the extra mile' to satisfy our requests.

"All in all, we have been impressed with CTS LanguageLink's commitment to quality and customer service. We highly recommend their services to anyone who has a need to translate materials into a foreign language.” - J. R.