Audiovisual Localization Services

Our audiovisual localization services help clients improve visibility, strengthen business operations, and penetrate new markets. We’re one of only a handful of multilingual companies capable of producing end-to-end, high-quality audio and video programs in-house, in more than 100 languages and dialects.

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Voice Samples

Check out our voice over work. We have a couple language examples for you to experience.

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Audiovisual Glossary

Insight into the audiovisual process and the terms used.

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Voice-Over Services

Our success with voice-over localization is largely dependent on our extensive network of professional voice talent. Depending on your script requirements, we can help you cast the best talent according to the language, country/region of the target audience, gender, age, or tone that you specify.

Translation and Adaptation

Depending on the medium, translations must follow different rules of adaptation. For example, a transcription for a script requiring subtitles has different time-coding constraints than one intended for voice-over work. Our voice-over translators are experienced at keeping these nuances in mind when producing time-fitted translations.

Voice Talent

Our extensive network of native-speaking talent, voice directors and coaches means you’ll have the best talent for your project, such as a fresh voice with a specific and authentic accent. We ensure your original script comes across clearly and accurately in your target language.

Production Facilities

CTS LanguageLink maintains an in-house sound booth that features the latest audio equipment for the highest quality voice-over and narration services. Using the latest technology, we have the capability to add translated audio to any video project—from DigiBeta to HTML5 <video> and everything in between.

Editing, Mixing and Layback

Our professional voice talents have extensive experience in microphone technique, which translates to shorter editing times and greater savings for our voice-over and narration services clients.

Subtitling Services

It is crucial having a spot-on subtitling experience. Making sure the translation is accurate is a challenge by itself, but ensuring the timing is spot-on presents other challenges.

The human eye can only read a certain number of words a minute. Because of this, the translator is faced with the creative challenge of adapting the translation so that it accurately conveys the original dialogue within the rules of average reading speed. Additionally, many languages require more words than others to express the same idea, creating an entirely new linguistic challenge.

Our subtitling service partners are not only refined linguists, they are skilled writers who know how to use their craft to produce time-fitted translations with tone, register, and content accuracy.

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Time Codes for Subtitling

Time-coded scripts are crucial to creating a subtitled video project.

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Script Writing Tips

Scripts should be written “for the ear” rather than for the eye.

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“On every occasion, CTS LanguageLink came through for us on-time, and most importantly, on-budget. Their professionalism and dedication to accuracy and client service is second to none, providing the highest level of quality.”

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“Knowing that you are there to maintain these high standards of production gives us confidence that our current and future projects will be of the same superior quality.”

Audiovisual Localization services include:

  • Voice-over and narration
  • Subtitling and captioning
  • Script transcription and timing from video or audio tape
  • Script translation and adaptation
  • Multilingual voice-over talent casting, recruiting and training
  • State-of-the-art recording and post production facilities
  • Experienced sound engineers trained in foreign language editing and layback to all video formats