Japanese Translation Services

At CTS LanguageLink, we understand what it takes to deliver effective, accurate and timely Japanese translation services. Our in-house project management, linguist and production teams provide personalized attention with the highest levels of Japanese translation quality.

We offer a complete range of Japanese translation services to meet your individual needs, including Japanese website localization, Japanese document translation, Japanese desktop publishing, Japanese interpretation services, and much more.

Japanese Translation Project Examples

Client: Fiji Water Company
Project: Translation, editing and layout of marketing collateral, sales materials, website copy, product packaging.
  • Client: MediaPro, Inc.
    Project: Translation, editing, layout, localization, audio recording of courseware for leading eLearning development company. Delivered complete localized version of eLearning program in Japanese. Content was very technical in nature and required specialized linguistic skill set. As well, the audio recording featured a very specific regional Japanese dialect.

Official Japanese Translation Services

Over the years, CTS LanguageLink has translated millions of words of official ballot verbiage into Japanese. In addition to providing Japanese ballot translation and desktop publishing work, CTS LanguageLink also offers printing and booklet assembly services for key Japanese translation clients.

The following is an example of our official Japanese translation services:

Client: Los Angeles County, California
  • Project: Legal mandates require that voter information pamphlets and any election related information be accessible to all registered voters, including minority groups whose primary language is not English when they represent more than 5% of the local population. This is required by law for Federal, State and local ordinances across the country.

Medical Japanese Translation Services

CTS LanguageLink has translated thousands of healthcare and medical documents into Japanese for healthcare providers, hospitals, medical clinicians, and public health agencies across the country.

We offer a complete range of healthcare/medical Japanese translation services to meet your individual needs, including healthcare/medical Japanese website localization, healthcare/medical Japanese document translation, healthcare/medical Japanese desktop publishing, healthcare/medical Japanese interpretation services, and much more.

The following is an example of our healthcare/medical Japanese translation services:

Client: State of Hawaii, Department of Health
  • Project: Provide translation, editing and layout work for this department which includes forms, announcements, brochures, public health notices, etc.

As a CTS LanguageLink Japanese translation client, you’ll work with an experienced project manager dedicated to respond to your job immediately and manage it flawlessly to its finish.

From professional Japanese translation and layout to final delivery, we assemble a team of experts that’s best suited for your needs. We even go so far as to make sure your files and /or documents are reviewed by at least three sets of qualified eyes: the original translator, a second translator who checks for accuracy and our in-house team of quality assurance editors.

CTS LanguageLink provides professional translation services for more than 100 languages, including:

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