On-Site Interpretation

Face-to-face Professional Interpreter Services

Face-to-face, beyond words

When it comes to pitching your product at international events or explaining your services to limited-English proficient (LEP) clients, on-site interpreter services are essential. Professional interpreters become an extension of your business, representing you and your brand. We take that responsibility very seriously, training our interpreters to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and service.

Consecutive or simultaneous: We do both

Consecutive interpreting refers to the process by which the source-language speaker and the interpreter take turns speaking. The consecutive interpreter listens and takes notes while the speaker talks. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter reproduces the message in the target language.

Simultaneous interpreting is necessary when there are people who speak several different languages. The source-language speaker speaks continuously, while the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and renders the message through a microphone, simultaneously, in the target language. Because of the fast-paced and exacting nature of this kind of interpretation, two interpreters are usually involved for each language. Each interpreter works in 20-minute increments.

We recruit top-tier interpreters who not only exhibit grace under pressure, but also come with an understanding of the subject matter and terminology at hand. Our customer service representatives ensure they receive all the available conference literature, presentation materials, speeches and other information ahead of time.

Personal and accessible

As a CTS LanguageLink customer, you will be partnered with an experienced account manager focused on making sure your specific needs are met. Our state-of-the-art call center and proprietary call routing database allow us to respond to your language interpretation needs immediately—around-the-clock, every day of the year. That means you can call us at any hour, any day, and we’ll dispatch a certified interpreter to your site almost immediately.

Native in nearly all tongues

Our network of on-site interpreters represents more than 240 languages and dialects, and can accommodate call centers and industries like court/legal, general business, government and healthcare/medical.

We make sure our interpreters are carefully screened, certified and trained in industry requirements. They’re not simply providing word-for-word interpretation; they’re ensuring meanings come across loud and clear.

Cost effective and flexible

A quick phone call is all it takes to have us dispatch an interpreter. Once you’re a CTS LanguageLink customer, you’ll receive your own toll-free dial-in number. That way, when you call us, we’ll be ready to meet your individual needs even before we pick up the phone. You’ll also have access to our Client Portal to schedule projects, check on status and view billing details at your convenience.

Our list of “No's” is straightforward, and we think you’ll like it:

  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum-use charges

If you have recurring needs for an on-site interpreter, we can walk you through our contract for ongoing services. Alternatively, if you just need services one time, we can provide a simple, one-page application and quote.