Network Capabilities

Over-the-Phone Interpretation
Our ability to provide effective, high-quality over-the-phone interpretation services is partly dependent on our investment in leading-edge technology. Our telephone network is integrated with a proprietary SQL Server 2000 database, which means we can manage and track all our interpretation requests, interpreters and clients efficiently. It also means we can make any adjustments to the database to accommodate your needs.

This system allows us to manage 96 simultaneous incoming calls, so you will never receive a busy signal when you call us for over-the-phone interpretation. It also allows us to:

  • Receive telephone interpretation requests through a toll-free number that has been set up for you
  • Ensure that 99% of all calls are answered within ten seconds
  • Prioritize calls based on our clients’ requirements
  • Quickly assign work based on interpreter skills
  • Track real-time, over-the-phone interpretation appointments and availability
  • Bill completed jobs accurately
  • Provide a variety of reports and job history information
  • Track client and interpreter-specific information