Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services
Integrating translated text into a layout is as critical as the translation itself. Depending on the language and related culture, there may be a host of visual and type elements to consider.

Our layout staff will carefully format your materials to accommodate text expansion, proper hyphenation, line breaks and the appropriate color and imagery choices for your audience. The team also has extensive experience typesetting right-to-left languages and complex characters and fonts.

The desktop publishing (DTP) services supporting our professional translations include:

  • Complex website localization
  • Culturally appropriate streaming video and online media presentations with graphics and audio
  • Internet-ready promotional material, brochures, manuals and guides
  • Multimedia tradeshow and advertising presentations
  • Printable on-line forms
  • Web-ready graphics, toolbars, buttons and images in any language
For more information about our desktop publishing services, contact our Sales department at +1 800-208-2620, or submit a request for more information here.